Gluten Free Restaurant Cards Відгуки

Great info, poor resolution

My wife has celiac disease and we have found this app to be great when we are traveling or at a place where the staff speaks limited English. HOWEVER, some of the translated images have such poor resolution, that no one can read then, including Japanese and Urdu. Can you please update this?

A blurred vision of greatness.

This is a much needed app for international travelers who need to avoid gluten. Sadly, it is hardly usable because the scanned translations are so blurry that the tiny text cannot be easily read. The fix: re scan the cards at higher resolution or, better yet, make use of iOS native support of most international writing systems.

Amazing app !!!

This app has kept me from getting sick in so many different countries I love it and highly recommend it to any one with C.D. That travels!

What about printing?

I thought you could print this.I mean I don't want to have to take my iPod everywere.

Pretty good

I wish we had had this for our trip to Japan, although looking at the Japanese card, I would have been surprised if someone could have read it. This could be a very helpful app if the resolution was better - for an iPhone 4, it's not great - I can't imagine it in an even lower resolution.

great app!

very useful app! thank you!!

Perfect for travelling

I used the recently in China and it really worked. The resolution is a little to low but still worth it. Thank You!

Good app, needs vegetarian option

Needs a vegetarian and/or vegan setting.


This is exactly what it says it is. An explanation of what celiac is and what the server needs to look for to keep the customer safe. Not really needed in your hometown unless you are too lazy to explain celiac restrictions to your server in your own words. Great for travel especially if you don't speak the language but need to convey restrictions.

Other Allergies

It is not uncommon for people with Celiac Disease to also have an intolerance for dairy products also. I have MANY food allergies in addition to Celiac disease so the portion about what I can eat is a bit dangerous for me. I will use the top portion though. It is at least somewhere to start!

frank tucker

I found this application to be helpful except your card for the romanian language is wrong. i travel to romania often and i speak it very well this is not the romanian language . i think its hungarian.


i like this app, it helps me to communicate with others, but the Japanese description is not clear and its almost impossible to read. i hope they fix it as soon as possible.

Thank you! :)

Oh my gosh this app is going to be so useful when my family and I travel out of the country again! I travel a lot and I was recently diagnosed with Celiac and I wondered how I'd be able to handle my food situation in foreign speaking countries but this is going to be so helpful! Thank youuuuuu! :)


I paid over $100 for the hardcopy laminated GF cards online. They didn't have near the selection, and the chef or waitress kept throwing them away, thinking they were disposable. This is a fantastic app!!!! Thank you!!!


This is such a helpful and handy app!

thank you

finally. this is perfect for my family! this helps us alot when we travel!

Almost perfect

I was just thinking to myself that someone should make this app, and lo and behold, here it was! I agree with the other reviewer that said the cards are often blurry, and I'm not sure why there needs to be two separate buttons for the language selection and showing the card, but it's a start. I didn't see Chinese in the list. Add this and take advantage of the beautiful iPhone screen by making the cards clearer and this would easily be a five star app.

Thank you

Thanks so much for such a hepful item!

Great idea, but needs work.

The translation cards load very slowly and the text is often jagged and too small to read clearly. Nevertheless, I'm glad someone took the time to do this and I hope to see more gluten-free related apps introduced in the near future.

Love it!

This is an awesome application! I've used the cards before, and it's so nice to be able to communicate more effectively in restaurants. Having the entire selection of languages on my ipod makes everything easier, though, because I don't have to worry about printing anything off or carrying the right language around. I can decide to go somewhere on a whim and everything I need is already right there with me! I love to travel, so I'm sure this will come in handy for that, too. THANK YOU FOR THIS APPLICATION!

Thanks for helping to spread awareness of Celiac Disease

I actually have a printed version of similar cards in a variety of languages, and it's great to be able to carry them wherever I go now!

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